Be a qualified makeup artist and make your place in the fashion and glamour industry.

On completion of the course you can work as an independent makeup artist or in high-end salons.


We are the team of professional makeup artists who eminently focus on the gratitude and satisfaction of the customers. We give them a touch that makes them show stopper and definitely all eyes will be on you. Your smoky and eye-catching appearance will certainly make you “talk of the town”. Well, we know that your contemporaries will also make their best look gorgeous and astonishing, but trust us you will be the most beautiful woman in the party.

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Makeup has an important role to play in our lives. It helps in transforming a person and enhancing the beauty of someone. This can also be used in the form of art. The best professional makeup artists in Delhi strive to improve and highlight the god’s given natural beauty of the clients and giving it a more attractive look to make them feel more confident and happy along the way. Professional makeup courses in Delhi offered by Jyoti Sehgal are a golden chance to learn and improve your efficiency in the field of makeup. The comprehensive range of services in the domain of fashion or makeup industry is HD makeup, Celebrity makeup, Silicon makeup and International makeup look. Jyoti Sehgal is widely popular as the best professional makeup artist in Rohini as she works dedicatedly in bringing smiles to the faces of her clients by giving them the best solutions for their all makeup related queries and concerns. She has been acting as a messenger of God in the lives of people who think that they aren’t beautiful. Jyoti Sehgal, with her utmost dedication and commitment towards her work, help people in gaining back their confidence.

Jyoti Sehgal is popularly known as a top makeup artist in Delhi. She is best known for her dedication and efficiency in the field of beauty and wellness. She works hard with her team so that she can allow her clients to sit back and enjoy the services and treatments provided this top makeup artist in Delhi. She endeavors to provide all of her services associated with makeup learning and hairstyles. Jyoti offers her expertise in makeup related to cut crease eyes, Smokey eyes, Glittery eyes and Arabic eyes. You can also learn to know about Bridal look, Reception look, Mord look, Sagan look, Cocktail and Mehndi look. Your beauty needs are prioritized under the supreme knowledge and care at Jyoti Sehgal Vig salon. This professional makeup artist in Rohini makes sure that her clients will receive her top quality beauty services and treatments.

She is ranked as a top makeup artist in Delhi for providing the professional makeup courses in Delhi as she is well-versed with all skin tones, types, and facial features. Enhancing the look is a cakewalk for this professional makeup artist in Rohini.


  • Party Makeup
  • High Definition Makeup
  • Cocktail Makeup
  • Silicone Makeup
  • Celebrity Makeup
  • Reception Makeup
  • Sagan Makeup
  • Bridal Makeup

Jyoti Sehgal Vig Salon is a well-established and renowned makeup academy in Rohini. The salon and team of highly-skilled professionals endeavor to empower you towards your career in the domain of the beauty industry. The salon is majorly popular for its professional makeup courses in Delhi for offering job-oriented training courses in all aspects of skincare, makeup, beauty and wellness, cosmetology and hair care. The training at this salon is provided to each learner with an individualistic approach thereby honing their technical and soft skills. This popular makeup academy in Rohini offers a well-researched curriculum under the supreme guidance and assistance of the professionals to prepare the learners themselves to work for the world-renowned salons or work as independent beauticians in their respective field of interest. 

With the availability of modern equipment and the best state of the art infrastructure, Jyoti Sehgal Vig salon and the staff here provide the most in-demand makeup techniques and skills to their clients and learners. Personalized makeup sessions and lessons are given at the salon for those who want to learn the best makeup techniques and tricks to become top beauticians in Delhi. At Jyoti Sehgal Vig salon, they are popular for professional makeup courses in Delhi. This salon also promotes integration, diversity, and integrity. The team comprises the best and right beauticians who strive to enhance the look and pamper the look of their clients. You can enjoy a fashion-forward makeup look tailored specifically for you. The training offered at the salon is created for both day and night look of the clients. The pro tricks and beauty techniques are used by the makeup professionals at this salon and this is one of the reasons why it is named as the top makeup academy in Rohini. The top beauty makeup professionals are obsessed with the exciting and wonderful world of beauty. Together, Jyoti and her team strive to offer unique, fresh and exceptional hairstyling and makeup services for the memorable moments in the lives of people. Individual professional training and makeup lessons are offered at the salon so that the learners visiting this salon are consistently involved in honing their talent and skills by making the best use of new products and techniques. Jyoti Sehgal is a top makeup artist in Delhi who is setting notable landmarks in the field of fashion, makeup and wellness. You can get the training and education for all HD makeup, Celebrity makeup, International makeup and Silicon makeup and different hairstyles at Jyoti Sehgal Vig salon.


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