Jyoti Sehgal Vig is a young, energetic and impact full personality. She is a professional makeup artist in Delhi with the best artistic skills. She knows the art of using makeup to enhance the beauty and physical attributes of a woman. Jyoti understands the importance of beauty in a woman and hence help them to look gorgeous in their own way. Jyoti has a passion for beautifying the individual, so she is keenly aware of which color suits best to which person. She is a masterful with her makeup application techniques. Jyoti also has a deep understanding of skin types, skin complexions and various makeup ingredients. 

Jyoti has taken her extensive training lessons from renowned makeup artists such as Kenny Hoff, Farrukh Shamarrotav, Naeem Khan, Shafaa Novruz and IIahajiyeva. She has learned various astonishing makeup courses such as High definition makeup, Silicon makeup, Celebrity makeup, and Airbrush Makeup. She is extraordinarily trained in hair styling. Jyoti has her extensive training in making First level (Basic), Second level (Basic to Advance) and Third level (International hair do). Jyoti has received various awards from multiple celebrities for her expertise in makeup industry. 

Jyoti started her career in this beauty industry in 2010. Now, she has completed 9 successful years in this field. Jyoti provides her services for various occasions such as Wedding, engagement party, fashion shows, and seminars.

Apart from providing her services, Jyoti also runs a makeup academy. Her passion and love for impeccable makeup makes her an exceptionally and unmatched professional in makeup industry. Her bizarre and proficiency for makeup and artistry have always kept her talent in the limelight. Jyoti has also been associated with multiple projects around the globe. She has shed all the bars in every sphere i.e. photo shoots, fashion shows, music videos, launches and Tv talk appearances. Enhancing and presenting about the best in every face, Jyoti makes every woman look like a princess. 

Jyoti Sehgal Vig is one of the most trusted names in the makeup industry. She is also preferred by the leading fashion designers, modelling agencies, and photographers. Jyoti believes in maintaining a healthy bond with her every client. With a total exposure of a decade, Jyoti is operating her salon and guiding her academy efficiently. Jyoti provides training to the people who love making and exploring beauty. Never ending success, appreciations and recognition has led her to be the best makeup artist in Delhi. 

Jyoti sehgal, best hairstylist in Delhi is supreme at communicating with her clients regarding their specific concerns and needs. Jyoti follows some important points while being the best makeup artist in Delhi:

  • Maintains an awareness related to health, safety and sanitation issues
  • Maintains updated kit of cosmetics, beauty products and tool
  • Sketch latest designs and ideas for the occasion
  • Pay remarkable attention towards the time limit
  • Maintains a recent portfolio of her work
  • Maintains a good communication with her teammates 


Makeup artistry cannot be underestimated, as the face is used to make a first impression. It captures and holds attention to communicate with others. Through the application of cosmetics and the skilled use of specialized techniques, Jyoti Sehgal Vig make the face into a masterpiece of expression. She deals with patience with her clients. She is a talented woman with multiple qualities:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good leadership
  • Excellent listener
  • Ability to fulfill her clients need successfully
  • Multitasker
  • Organizational and time management
  • Dexterity and Knowledge


Being the best hairstylist in Delhi, Jyoti maintains a positive environment around her surroundings so that the client can feel comfortable. The academy guided by Jyoti Sehgal Vig teaches:

  1. How to purchase the right product always?
  2. How to use our own makeup efficiently? And most importantly
  3. How to your own makeup artist?


Apart from being a professional makeup artist in Delhi, Jyoti makes time for providing the best possible knowledge to her trainees. She makes sure that her trainees learn the best. Jyoti helps her trainees in exploring their knowledge to an extent. 


If anyone of you aspire to be a makeup artist like her, then stop dreaming and start living as she owns a makeup academy. An academy where your dreams come true by getting the best knowledge at a reasonable cost. Every single style and fashion is being crafted as a professional at Jyoti Sehgal Vig Academy.

Celebrities all over the world Awarded Jyoti Sehgal Vig


Kennedy Hoffmann


Shafaq Novruz


Farrukh Shamuratov


Naeem Khan