Be a qualified makeup artist and make your place in the fashion and glamour industry.

On completion of the course you can work as an independent makeup artist or in high-end salons.


Become A Professional Hair Stylist

Hair styling is an advanced concept for hair rebirth. For any occasion or party, getting the best hairstyle is a must for everyone. People these days are following the infamous quote ‘a good hair day’. The quote is used by many people when their hair are easily managed and look good. There are many ways of having a good hair day such as pretty hairstyles, messy bun, waterfall French hairstyles, funky hairstyles, hair color and hair cut. You can get the best look for your D-day by the best hair stylist in Rohini, Jyoti Sehgal. She is a popular hairstylist in Delhi is named among the best hairstylists in Delhi. Jyoti is a hair colorist and hair stylist who has extensive experience in the sphere of beauty and hair styling industry. She has worked with the best hair salons in Delhi by offering the best of her services like long wedding hairstyles, prom hairstyles, international hairstyles, wedding hairstyles, and charming hairstyles and updos hairstyles. Jyoti is immensely confident in giving her clients the best solutions for the queries of her clients. She is good at creating natural and soft hairstyles. She makes sure that her hair color comes out with translucence and luster. Jyoti strives to enhance her skills and talent so that her clients consider coming back to her for their hairstyling. Her greatest strength is to provide her clients with the best services and treatments in a friendly and attentive atmosphere.

Course Fee : Rs 25000 / Duration : 25 Days

Jyoti Sehgal is fanatical about dealing with challenges with all types of hair problems and styles. She is also popular as a top hairstylist in Delhi as she holds her specializations in all aspects of hair color. Jyoti Sehgal owns a salon which has attracted a commendable number of clients from Delhi and surrounding areas for delivering the best services in the field of hairstyling. Jyoti Sehgal Vig Salon is the best hair salon in Delhi which comprises modern and advanced equipment and all other facilities required by the clients. The salon is visited by the top hairstylists like Jyoti Sehgal who are dedicated to offering their clients a look which is different from others and a look that uniquely suits them. Hair styling and coloring is the strongest area of her expertise from a subtle to most trendy look. She believes that it’s her duty and responsibility to match her clients ‘hair quality, facial shape and hair texture and personality through the process of assisting them in discovering their entirely new selves. 

Jyoti Sehgal Vig Salon is the perfect fit for you regardless of the condition of your hair and type of fashion you usually carry. The clients are attentively listened to and attended by the staff at the best hair salon in Delhi and uniquely suited hair style is suggested to them. Jyoti and her team understand that the way you carry your hair is a reflection of your attitude and personality. Thus, they make sure that this reflection carried by their clients is beautiful, bold and unique. Every gesture of the staff here is inclined towards the utmost satisfaction and comfort of the clients. Located in the heart of Delhi, Jyoti Sehgal Vig Salon brings a comprehensive range of hair services to you. Right from your first visit to the salon, you will be mesmerized by the work and untiring efforts offered by the best hairstylists in Delhi. The forte of the top hairstylist in Delhi includes cutting, conditioning, shaping your hair based on the occasion, outfit and your choice. Jyoti Sehgal, the best hair stylist is Rohini offers promising services and treatments for all hair types and styles so that your hair may get a perfect shape, color, and condition on your special day. Personalized hair color and style is offered to the clients visiting the salon. Adding more to the hair care services, this salon is also popular for its trendy hairstyles like waterfall French hairstyles, funky hairstyles, messy bun and international hairstyles.


  • Sidebun
  • Highbun
  • Lowbun
  • Side Styling
  • Length Styling
  • Creative Hairdo
  • International Hairdo

The services offered by the best hair salon in Delhi are Creative Hairdo, Length Styling, Low bun, High bun, Side bun, Side Styling, and International Hairdo. Jyoti Sehgal Vig salon is the right place for all the fashion enthusiasts out there.   

Visiting Jyoti Sehgal Vig Salon is going to bring a lasting change in the way you think about a hairstyle. You can expect a relaxing, friendly and compassionate environment at this salon. All the services offered at the best hair salon in Delhi at extremely affordable as compared to its counterparts in this industry. The entire team at Jyoti Sehgal Vig salon works hard to make your salon visit as memorable and unique as possible. The salon is aimed at consistently bringing the unique styles and ideas whilst matching the latest trends within the industry and community. Close and dedicated attention is offered to every client to the details of their service and with the maintenance of the highest standards. To get the latest updates about different hairstyles like messy bun, international hairstyles, prom hairstyles, charming hairstyles and waterfall French hairstyles stay connected!


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