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Jyoti Sehgal is one of the best makeup artists in Delhi. She is famous for her contribution in makeup industry. She is a professional makeup artist in Delhi who is famous for her magic that she creates with her extraordinary talent. Jyoti sehgal is optimally praised as the best hair stylist in Delhi and a top bridal makeup artist in Delhi. Looking towards the need of beauty in women nowadays, Jyoti has established her salon in Delhi named “Jyoti Sehgal Vig” in Rohini. It is one of the best women salon in Delhi which totally follows “Perfection” in their work. The Artists practicing at this best hair stylist salon in Delhi comprise expertise and professional knowledge to make a woman look and feel stunning and elegant. 

Jyoti Sehgal Vig i.e. the best women salon in Delhi serves its facilities at an affordable cost. The best makeup artists in Delhi practicing at Jyoti Sehgal Vig provide their services focusing on the credibility of their clients. Jyoti sehgal Vig, best hair stylist salon in Delhi is guided by Jyoti Sehgal who is known as the makeup queen. Jyoti maintains a positive environment around her surroundings so that the client can feel comfortable. Jyoti Sehgal vig beauty salon provide multiple beauty services to its clients such as beauty therapy, hair care, hair styling and makeup. 

Jyoti believes that “Love of beauty is taste and The creation of beauty is art” i.e. she gives her 100 percent to ensure her clients could get the best beauty treatment. Jyoti Sehgal Vig  comprises all advanced techniques and technologies. The experts provide the best suitable treatment and the best makeup look that suits the clients. It is true that makeup totally transfers our looks and highlights our beauty. Jyoti Sehgal, top bridal makeup artist has come up with some interesting and affordable beauty packages. The beauty salon in Delhi also offers various makeup courses who want to serve the pleasure of spreading beauty in the world. Teaching and Training new artists has been a huge success for Jyoti and her salon in Delhi. The team at Jyoti Sehgal Vig beauty salon has the most talented and experienced make-up divas. For all those who want to serve beauty and make their passion into a fruitful career can opt for the interesting courses served at Jyoti sehgal Vig in Delhi. The main motive of the salon is to encourage and nurture the talent of the new generation. 

This salon comes under the category of best hair stylist salon in Delhi. It serves its clients with world class treatments. Some of the treatments are:

  1. Hair Care – Hair care treatment is an overall term for hygiene and cosmetology. It involves the hair which grows from the human scalp, and to a lesser extent facial, pubic and other body hair. We at Jyoti Sehgal Vig Beauty Salon ensure our clients to provide the best hair treatment at a reasonable cost.
  2. Beauty therapy – Our salon is renowned women salon in Delhi. This is because of our best professionals and experts serving our patients with dedication. The salon makes sure that its client gets the best beauty therapy as per their requirement. 
  3. Makeup – We all know what is the role of makeup in a woman’s life! Every woman wants to look pretty in her own way i.e. the best women salon in Delhi gives every woman an opportunity to be the way she wants. We are served by the best makeup artists in Delhi. 
  4.  Hair stylist – We are served by the best hair stylists in Delhi. This salon is served by the best hair stylist in Delhi. However, Jyoti makes sure that her patients get the best and the perfect hairstyle as per their requirement.


Jyoti Sehgal Vig Beauty Salon is a place where beauty, knowledge and personalized attention is combined together to provide the best treatment to its clients. We aim in creating a memorable and rejuvenating experience with our clients. Also, the professional team practicing at Jyoti Sehgal Vig is committed to build-up an extraordinary and a long lasting relationship with the clients. The salon comes under the category of best hair stylist salon in Delhi. To give a glamorous look as per the requirement of the client only the original brands are used in makeup. The salon do provide the services for various occasions such as birthday parties, family functions, office parties, engagements, weddings and modeling ads. The salon has a special service and package for each and every occasion. Jyoti Sehgal Vig  beauty salon is also provides beauty services apart from makeup and hair styles. 

Apart from being a top bridal makeup artist in Delhi, Jyoti also offers training sessions. She guides an academy in which she tries to train more and more people in the makeup industry. The team under the guidance of Jyoti maintains a positive environment so that it can provide a good impact on their services as well. The  salon provides personalized care to their each and every client. They treat their every client as a special one. Jyoti Sehgal Vig is famous for providing its extraordinary services and facilities among the clients. Being the best women salon in Delhi, it follows its protocols strictly and give a choice to its clients to select the best course for them. The salon also provides multiple offers in festive occasions such as Rakhsha bandhan, Diwali and Holi. Running a makeup academy, Jyoti provides a great opportunity to the people who are interested want to get success in makeup industry. The academy offers various courses related to makeup at different packages. Being a proud professional makeup artist in Delhi, Jyoti is winning heart as a trainer as well. To be a part of the family of Jyoti Sehgal Vig Beauty Salon you can book your appointments. For those who are interested in learning the art of making beauty can join us now!!



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